Rules & Regulations

  • All the rules & regulation of the institution issued time to time relating studies, examination attendance,discipline and conduct must be strictly followed.

  • A candidates admitted on the basis of false certificare, mark sheet or any illegal means himself/herself be personally responsible for the expulsion without any refunds, that will automatically and immediately follow the detection of the irregularity.

  • No refund of fee will be made on withdrawal of admission under any circumstances.

  • At the time of admission the selected candidates will have to furnish an undertaking on the prescribed format provided by the college and an affidavit sworn before a notary public that all information given by them is true.

  • If the candidates fail to report of admission with required documents his/her seat shall be allotted to applicant next in the order of merit.

  • All subjects relating to admission or any other matters shall be under the jurisdiction of Hazaribag court only.


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