Chairman Message

"The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence" (Rabindranath Tagore)

The aim of education is the fulfillment of man is all richness of his personality. As Swami Vivekananda put it. "The end of education is man-making and education is only the manifestation of the perfection already present in man". The success of a teacher depends on his commitment and dedication towards the profession. A caring loving, professionally competent and serving teacher can certainly command respect in society.

A teacher has to be good friend, philosopher, guide, administrator, counsellor, curriculum developer, evaluator, motivator and good team leader. No amounts of teacher can success if a teacher does not perform these multiple roles and takes total responsibility for all round development of students' personality.

Our focus is at providing a learning environment where our prospective teachers will develop an aptitude for teaching and acquire all the teaching skills and temperament. We always wish to lay added emphasis on inculcating in our students the spirit of service to the society and developing a human attitude

With Best Wishes
Sri Manoj Kumar Yadav
Ex - Forest Minister
Social Activist

Secretary Message

I take this opportunity of congratulating you on your decision to apply for admission to Swami Dharmabandhu College of Education. Our college has played a significant role in building the modern Education Profession. Education has passed through many phases and has made enormous progress through all these years. Our college provides you the best of Academic environment, the finest Practicies and an updated library which are its assets. An improvised building of college is situated at Hazaribag, where all the upgraded facilities to provide better education to the students are available.

I appreciate your joining this institute a right decision to persue this noble profession of Teaching and wish that your aspire for higher education in the same stream and will be capable of imparting the Teaching Skills so the needy and the deserving.

All I expect of you is sincerity of purpose, a sense of self discipline and an urge to study Teaching and upgrading the profession to higher levels.

With Best Wishes
Sri Shashank Shekhar
MBA (Marketing)
Social Activist

Director's Message

I welcome you to "Swami Dharmabandhu College of Education" with pride, its an honour and privilege to be the director of the college. Swami Dhamabandhu College of Education stands for excellent for imparing quality education with team of excellent experienced professional faculty members from distinguished domains committed and dedicated towards the college, and playing a vital role in building new generations teacher. Thus help in building the nation.

All being done here through a team of competent and committed teachers with full devotion and dedication.

We have full faith in student teachers and together with dedication and commitment we will ensure that you become examples of successful teachers in the Indian Society with your code aim being imparting quality education in an easy and relaxed manner.

My good wishes to all of you.

With Best Wishes
Md. Nazir Ansari
Social Activist


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